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XyWrite Application Notes

The links to the text files below will display the indicated file.
Since the original documents were formatted to be read with XyWrite,
some clean-up has been done on them so that they'll be more readable in a modern browser.
Still, some of the original formatting remains in a few files and will not be displayed correctly.
And some of the clean-up may have removed pertinent information.
For best results, download the original files and read them in XyWrite.

ADDPS4.TXT Adding postscript soft fonts to XyWrite 4.0.
APP101.TXT XyWrite III as a Dos Shell.
APP102.TXT Using XyWrite's Column Tables Feature.
APP103.TXT XyWrite's Startup File.
APP104.TXT Using XyWrite with Microsoft's Windows.
APP105.TXT Using XyWrite with a QMS KISS Laser Printer.
APP106.TXT Using XyWrite's Horizontal Motion Feature.
APP107.TXT Basics of Using DOS.
APP108.TXT Saving to Multiple Drives.
APP109.TXT XONXOFF Protocol.
APP110.TXT Using PLCPAK with XyWrite.
APP111.TXT Using Code Page Switching with XyWrite.
APP112.TXT Spelling Dictionary Genealogy.
APP113.TXT Using Turbo Lightning with XyWrite III.
APP114.TXT Using the HP Laserjet Series II with XyWrite.
APP115.TXT Putting Defined Text on the Command Line.
APP116.TXT Modifying Redlining Modes.
APP117.TXT Using XyWrite on a Zenith 181 & 183.
APP118.TXT Mark and Return to Mark.
APP119.TXT Converting Line Endings.
APP121.TXT Postscript Printer Files.
APP122.TXT Sort Key and XyWrite III Plus.
APP123.TXT Testing Width Tables in XyWrite III and III Plus.
APP124.TXT Technical Specification for XyWrite III, Version 3.1.
APP125.TXT Technical Specification for XyWrite III Plus.
APP126.TXT Using 3270 Emulation Mode with XyWrite III Plus.
APP128.TXT Using XyWrite III Plus with Blankity BLANK.
APP129.TXT Installing a New Printer File.
APP130.TXT Using XyWrite on a Toshiba 3100.
APP131.TXT Using XyWrite III Plus on a Color Monitor.
APP132.TXT Adding a 3rd-Party Font to a LaserJet Printer File.
APP133.TXT Using Multiple Printers.
APP134.TXT Translating Wordstar Files.
APP135.TXT Using XyWrite III Plus with InSet2.
APP137.TXT Printing Multiple Copies on a Laserjet.
APP139.TXT Using the AST TurboLaser with XyWrite III Plus.
APP140.TXT Using the QMS-PS 800 with XyWrite III Plus.
APP141.TXT Using Postscript to Create a Legal Format.
APP142.TXT Printing Multiple Copies on a QMS KISS Laser Printer.
APP144.TXT Using the HP DeskJet with XyWrite III Plus.
APP145.TXT Setting Underline Mode on a color Monitor.
APP146.TXT Measuring in Picas and Points on a Postscript Printer.
APP147.TXT Searching for Line Ending characters in Imported Files.
APP148.TXT Using XyWrite with a Key Tronic 5153 Keyboard.
APP149.TXT Printing Mailing labels.
APP150.TXT Not Yet Released.
APP151.TXT Using the Hercules Graphics Card Plus with XyWrite III Plus.
APP152.TXT Using the Logitech Serial Mouse with XyWrite III Plus.
APP153.TXT Using the HP Fontload Program with XyWrite.
APP154.TXT Using the Microsoft Mouse with XyWrite III Plus.
APP155.TXT Converting a dBase Text File to XyWrite Format.
APP156.TXT Using XyWrite with QMS Jetscript.
APP157.TXT Using the C. Itoh LIPS 10 Laser Printer with XyWrite III Plus.
APP158.TXT Printing Multiple Copies on a LIPS 10 Laser Printer.
APP159.TXT Sorting mail merge data files.
APP160.TXT Using the HP Series II with S1 or S2 Cartridges.
APP161.TXT Using the IBM 3812 Pageprinter with XyWrite.
APP162.TXT Creating a PT Print Type Table to Define Additional Fonts.
APP163.TXT Saving Files Automatically.
APP164.TXT Using Addresselope with XyWrite III Plus.
APP165.TXT Postscript Symbol Set.
APP166.TXT Using XyWrite III Plus Files with Pagemaker 3.0.
APP166A.TXT Using XyWrite III Plus Files with PC Version of Pagemaker 3.0.
APP166B.TXT Using XyWrite III Plus Files with Macintosh Pagemaker 3.0.
APP167.TXT Recording keystrokes on a Save/Get key.
APP168.TXT Using XyWrite II Plus with Ventura Publisher 2.0.
APP169.TXT Using the HP LaserJet IID Printer with XyWrite.
APP170.TXT Adding Third-Party Soft Fonts to an Advanced HP Laser printer.
APP171.TXT Printing a Set of Files.
APP173.TXT Handling Data files with inconsistent Records.
APP174.TXT Using IRMA 2/E78 Plus with XyWrite.
APP175.TXT Using the HP DeskJet Plus with XyWrite III Plus.
APP176.TXT Using Super 8 Font Cartridges with XyWrite III Plus.
APP177.TXT Using Canon's LBP-8 Mark III and LBP 4 Printers XyWrite.
APP178.TXT Using the LaserJet II or IID to Create a Legal Format.
APP179.TXT Using the IQ Engineering Super Cartridge 2.
APP180.TXT Using the HP LaserJet IIP Printer with XyWrite.
APP181.TXT Using XyWrite on a Gray-Scale Monitor.
APP182.TXT Using Save/Gets with XPL.
APP183.TXT Pacific Data Products' 25-In-One (172 Font) Cartridge.
APP184.TXT Creating ASCII Files.
APP185.TXT Using the IBM 4019 LaserPrinter with XyWrite.
APP186.TXT Reducing Printer File Memory Requirements in XyWrite III Plus.
APP187.TXT Using DESQview 286/386 with XyWrite III Plus.
APP188.TXT Working with Multiple Personal Dictionaries.
APP189.TXT Using PostScript to Add Lines and Borders.
APP190.TXT Modifying XyWrite Text Files During Startup.
APP191.TXT Developing PostScript Width Tables.
APP192.TXT Using the HP LaserJet III Printer with XyWrite.
APP193.TXT Tips and Tricks with the Spelling Checker.
APP194.TXT Using a RAM Drive with XyWrite.
APP195.TXT Using the HP LaserJet IIID Printer with XyWrite.
APP196.TXT Testing New Keyboards.
APP197.TXT Hard Coding Counters.
APP198.TXT Using the HP DeskJet 500 with XyWrite III Plus.
APP199.TXT Foreign Language Support.
APP200.TXT Defining Separators in XyWrite.
APP201.TXT Using Autosave in XyWrite.
APP202.TXT Displaying a Document in Read-Only Mode in XyWrite.
APP203.TXT Using Soft Line Endings in XyWrite.
APP204.TXT Enabling Prompts in XyWrite.
APP205.TXT Checking Data Files.
APP206.TXT Using the HP LaserJet IIIP Printer with XyWrite.
APP207.TXT Using the HP LaserJet IIISi Printer with XyWrite.
APP208.TXT Automatic Network Login.
APP209.TXT Determining Line Counts.
APP210.TXT Using Microsoft Windows 3.0 with XyWrite.
APP211.TXT Using XyWrite III Plus with the PC Version of PageMaker 4.0.
APP212.TXT Automatic File Backup on Network Drives.
APP213.TXT Automatic Text Alignment in XyWrite.
APP214.TXT Counting Characters Automatically.
APP215.TXT Formatting Lists of PT Numbers in XyWrite.
APP216.TXT Displaying Standard or Military Time in XyWrite.
APP217.TXT Moving or Deleting Text in XyWrite.
APP218.TXT Reversing the Direction of a Search Command.
APP220.TXT Automatic Title Capitalization.
APP221.TXT Using a XyWrite III Plus Printer File with Signature.
APP222.TXT Adding or Replacing a Signature File.
APP223.TXT Defining Cursor Values.
APP224.TXT Using Signature with Software Carousel.
APP225.TXT Using the Keyboard Help Program.
APP227.TXT Installing a New Signature Printer or Keyboard File.
APP228.TXT Using a XyWrite-style Keyboard with Signature.
APP229.TXT Adding Postscript Soft Fonts to Signature.
APP233.TXT Adding Postscript Soft Fonts to XyWrite 4.0

APPS.ZIP All the above files (zipped)