XyWrite’s Distributed Files

XyWrite IV Files

(A nearly complete set from version 4.016)

XyWrite III Files

(A nearly complete set from version 3.56)

XyWrite Manuals

XyWrite IV’s Customization Guide

View Manual Online

Download PDF Manual (zipped)

XyWrite III’s User Manual

Currently, a PDF sample of XyWrite III’s manual – from Acknowledgements through Chapter 2.

Printer Section From XyWrite III’s User Manual

View Online (57 pages)

Download 57 JPG Images (zipped)

XyWrite Sites

The XyWrite Discussion List

(User Group)


The Foremost XyWrite Site On The Net. Advanced XyWrite IV Usage, Programing, and Macros

The XYZone

Advanced XyWrite III Programing & Utilities

Nota Bene: A Word Processor for Scholars

A Direct Descendant of XyWrite

Useful Links

Wikipedia’s XyWrite Entry

Tools & Resources

XyWrite Icons

Conversion Files

W4W – From 1996

W4W And A Few Other Types – From (mostly) 1992-93



Supplemental Fonts (Speedos)


Updated XyWin Install Files (5.0Mb)

A modern (not diskette based!) install for XyWin, created in the late ’90s by TTG and given to anyone who asked for it.


A Utility To Make XyWrite 3+ Or NB 3 XPL Programs More Readable

Editor.exe Downloads

How-To Files

Tips, Tricks, and Advanced Techniques

(Misc. XPL Notes, Misc. Macros, TTG Application Notes, Tips Submitted By Users)

PIF Shortcut (

Properties Settings & Tweaks

Taskbar (ntvdm.exe):

Properties Settings & Tweaks

LNK Shortcut (CMD.exe):

Properties Settings & Tweaks

Batch File Shortcut:

Properties Settings & Tweaks


XyWrite Development Timeline

XyWrite Net Citations


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Site Created: 9.4.02

Latest Update: 4.25.09

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