Customization Guide

Table of Contents

Custom Commands

    Creating a Custom Command Set
    Using the Custom Command Set


    Default File
    Default Command
    Default Settings
    Display Mode Colors
    Customization Tables

Keyboard File

    Modifying Keyboard Files
    Function Calls


    Load Customization Files
    Select Print Destination
    Load Cartridge Fonts

Menu and Help Files

    Menu, Dialog Box and Help File Frames
    Linking Frames
    Including Comments in a Menu or Help File
    Displaying a Menu Bar
    Creating a Pull-Down Menu
    Creating a Dialog Box
    Executing a Routine
    Positioning Menu and Help Screens
    Using Accelerator Characters in Menu Screens
    Providing Context-Sensitive Help Screens
    Displaying a Scrollable Help Screen
    Including Text in Screen Borders
    Displaying Detailed Explanations of Error Messages
    Testing Dialog Boxes and Help Frames
    Accessing a Menu Screen with One Keystroke
    Accessing a Help Screen with One Keystroke
    Loading Menu and Help Files

Printer Files

    Basics of the Printer File
    Printer File Heading
    Printer Control Table
    Printer Control Commands
    Font Matching
    Screen Font Assignments
    Printer Font Assignments
    Default Settings
    Printer Settings
    Character Mode Table
    Graphics Settings
    Terminator Strings
    Vertical Spacing
    Attribute Tables
    Font Tables
    String Operators
    Width Tables
    Substitution Tables

Sort File

    Creating the Sort File
    Sorting to a Sequence of Letters
    Loading a Sort File

Startup File

    Running the STARTUP.INT File
    Modifying STARTUP.INT

User Programming

    Procedures for User Programming
    Function Calls
    XPL Commands
    XPL Operators and Functions


    Value of Variable
    VA Settings


 A-1 Advanced Keyboard Functions
 B-1 Terminate and Stay Resident Programs
 C-1 Foreign Language Support
 D-1 Reserved XyWrite Elements
 E-1 XyWrite Character Set