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TTG Share Directory of Customer Uploads

 Filename Contributor Description
 2GAMES.ZIP CARL DISTEFANO "Hangman" & "Ghost" word games for Sig/Xy.
 3PBEX800.PRN PETER BARNET Epson EX-800 Printer file with some clear modifications.
 3PLUS.ZIP SYSOP 3plus style keyboard file and menu for Sig.
 ADFIG.PGM   enter the number of a figure on cmd line
 ALTRFT26.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN Make WiDth tables; get font select $s; &c.
 AR.ZIP KARL MANHEIM Auto replace fix for XyWrite ver. 3.56.
 AUQU.PGM   Creates a footnote
 BRODIRXY.ZIP JIM FRANKLIN Read/search/switch directory, with edit option.
 CALCULTR.ZIP KARL MANHEIM on-screen calculator for XyWrite.
 CG-PM.ZIP CHET GOTTFRIED 2 program samples.
 CHANGE.ZIP CHARLES COTTON Utility that changes text strings.
 CHEKSTYL.ZIP CARL DISTEFANO XPL writing-style checkers for Sig/Xy.
 CHOP31.ZIP HARRY  BINSWANGER Chop up big file into littler ones.
 CLEANUP.PGM   Cleans up commands in a file
 CLEANUP1.PGM   Cleans up commands in a file
 CLEANUP2.PGM   Cleans up commands in a file
 CLEANUP3.PGM   Cleans up commands in a file
 COUNTXY.ZIP JIM FRANKLIN Count words without MDUL, display sidebyside.
 CRASH.TXT CARL DISTEFANO XPL/SPL Sub-crashing techniques (Sig/Xy)  Read.
 CROPLINE.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN Print crop marks at corners of laser page.
 CRYPT.ZIP KARL MANHEIM Encrypt text files for security.
 CTRLCHAR.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN Tutorial on handling control characters.
 DATA.DOC CLIFF HELLER Mailmerge data file.
 DEFINE.ZIP CARL DISTEFANO Enhanced DeFine Key for III+ 3.53.
 DIRECTOR.ZIP   Disk tree utility.
 DO-DOS.ZIP KARL MANHEIM Easy shell to DOS to run other programs in III+.
 DOCXYPRG.ZIP DON LEAMY Prints XyWrite XPL programs. "C" prog.
 DOWNLD30.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN UL softfonts to laser; test-print fonts.
 DSZ0904.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN Best external transfer protocol (here,Ymodem).
 EMAILXY.ZIP JIM FRANKLIN Add carriage return (CR) to E-Mail text, and deletes formatting.
 ENVELOPE.ZIP ANDREW GLASS Automates address with HPIII printer.
 ERHANDLR.PS   Error Break-page handler for Adobe fonts.
 ERRHANDL.PS   Error Break-page handler for Adobe fonts.
 FONT.PM CARL DISTEFANO Use printer file as font/char_mode menu (Xy).
 FV127.ZIP   File Viewer for ZIP files (Vern Buerg).
 GO.ZIP CARL DISTEFANO Easy drive/directory change (Sig/Xy).
 HJ3REVPR.ZIP ANDREW GLASS Revised driver for HPIII printer.
 LIST73D.ZIP CHARLES COTTON 02/90 Update of BEST file viewer.
 LOADHELP.PM ROBERT HOLMGREN Edit, then re-LOAD, active U#|DG|HL|MN file.
 MAIL.DOC CLIFF HELLER Boilerplate file for mailmerge.
 MAKEHDIR.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN Index (or run) selected routines in Help.
 NAMEGAME.ZIP JIM FRANKLIN Replace whole words in one or more files.
 OODLES.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN Run XPL programs from a library of PMs.
 PARSEFRM.ZIP   Parse file
 POTPOURRI.ZIP   Miscellaneous files.
 PRINTFM2.PGM   Print form
 PRINTFMT.PGM   Print form
 PRNTFMT3.PGM   Print form
 PRNTNTS.PGM   Print form
 PROTECT.SIG   EMERGENCY - Text file with footnotes. system aids.
 PRSEFRM2.ZIP   Xywrite 4.0 - XPL program launcher.
 PSI.ZIP STRAT SHERMAN License request re AR function from PSI.
 PUTDFB.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN Re-define an old released define block.
 REMODE.ZIP CARL DISTEFANO Change character mode of text with one keystroke.
 REORGNZ2.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN Renumber/ ReLaBel/ debug /accelerate Sig/Xy PMs.
 REPLACE.PGM   File replace program.
 RGZ3PLUS.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN Versions of some REORGaNIZe v2.0 programs for Xy3+
 SAVEAS.ZIP CARL DISTEFANO SAve & reCAll file or block with new name.
 SAVEBAK.PM CARL DISTEFANO Make automatic backup saves (Sig/Xy).
 SCRL.ZIP CHARLES COTTON Automatic Scrolling program.
 SEFN.PM CARL DISTEFANO Search for text within footnotes only- Sig/Xy.
 SENTSPAC.ZIP JIM FRANKLIN Fix punctuation, sentence spacing.
 SMART252.ZIP CARL DISTEFANO SmartSet v2.52 Power tools for XY4 (DOS & Windows) .
 STACK102.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN STACK.PM for Sig 1.02 (see Rev.History detail.
 STACK20D.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN Enhanced Command-Line Stacker for XyWrite v3.55.
 STACKXY4.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN STACK.PM for XyWrite IV (see Revision Hist.).
 STACKXYW.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN STACK.PM for XyWin|Xy4 (separate programs).
 STRIPMD.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN Strip superfluous MoDe commands from texts.
 SWAP.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN Remove/restore current app. from memory.
 SWARM.ZIP PETER FELDMANN A NON-TSR screen saver, color or mono.
 SYSID52.ZIP   A system description for DOS-based PC/XT/AT- and PS/2 class machines.
 TEST.KBD SYSOP Keyboard file for version 3.15.
 TICTAC.ZIP KARL MANHEIM Tic-tac-toe for XyWrite.
 TIDY.ZIP DON LEAMY Formats documents, fracts, leaders, elipses.
 TIMEDATE.ZIP JOEL HOUPLIN Contains some XPL goodies.
 TIMEPRNT.PGM   Logs time it takes to print a file
 TODAY.PM CARL DISTEFANO Get TODAY's date in any format (Xy) [rev.].
 TOGGLE.ZIP DAVID AUERBACH Screen blanking Tosh laptops in XPL.
 TREEDIR.ZIP KARL MANHEIM Quick tree and change directory.
 ULWORD.PGM   Underlines the the word your cursor is on
 UNTITLED.PM CARL DISTEFANO Start typing without naming file, in XyWrite.
 UPGSIG.KBD   Signature 1.0 keyboard.
 VALET21.ZIP CARL DISTEFANO John Junod's shareware DOS shell.
 WDSRCH.PGM   Finds a word in a Spell checker list
 XIL-AUG.ZIP KARL MANHEIM August 1990 BBS messages.
 XIL-JUL.ZIP KARL MANHEIM July 1990 BBS messages.
 XIL-JUN.ZIP KARL MANHEIM June 1990 BBS messages.
 XIL-NOV.ZIP KARL MANHEIM November 1990 BBS messages.
 XIL-OCT.ZIP KARL MANHEIM October 1990 BBS messages.
 XIL-SEP.ZIP KARL MANHEIM September 1990 BBS messages
 XSAVE.ZIP CARL DISTEFANO Save "permanent" SGT's to disk (Sig/Xy).
 XY-KBD.ZIP ROBERT HOLMGREN .KBD-language PMs + CMline-capture macro.
 XYHPLJ3X.ZIP ANDREW GLASS Support for HPIII-series & zapf dingbats.
 XYW.ZIP CHARLES COTTON A few handy XPL programs found on BBS's.
 XYW355.ZIP JIM FRANKLIN Utilities for XyWrite 3.55 and later.
 XYWFILES.LST SYSOP Listing of all files contained in XYWIN.
 ZGEN146.ZIP   MS-DOS File and Archive Management Utility.


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