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General Tab General Tab

Memory Tab Memory Tab

I've been running with all these parameters at their maximum settings, as an experiment. So far, no negative side effects...that I'm aware of.

Security Tab Security Tab

Not applicable?

Screen Tab Screen Tab

Summary Tab Summary Tab

If anybody has found a practical use for these fields,
please let me know what that is.

Program Tab Program Tab

Autoexec Buttom

Misc Tab Misc Tab

Allow Screen Saver: I don't know if unchecked is better than checked, but I usually keep it this way.

Fast Pasting: Unchecked causes a drastic slowndown on my W2K system. Is this universal? Is there ever a reason to leave unchecked?

Font Tab Font Tab

Compatibility Tab Compatibility Tab

W2K doesn't have this tab.
Is it XP only?
How about Vista?