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XyWrite Net Citations

The collecting of XyWrite's internet citations is an exercise in silliness, I'm sure.
But to those of us who love this program, its history and its imprint on the world is of some interest.

»  Nostalgic Praise:
XyWrite II Write-up in PC Week Magazine (Issue #1 - 1984)
Why obsolete products can run your office just fine (2000)
Letters to the Technology Editor (2001)
eXPLORING New Media (1997)
Salon - The Xy files (1998)
Salon Letters to the editor (1998)
Our favorite tech flops
Programs that Robert Recommends
TAP (1999)
Tech Toys II
Technical info (2002)
The Write Stuff (2000)
Userland Archive (1998)
The first decade of the SA Journal of Economic History (1996)
Bye-Bye, I'm Off to the World of (2001)

»  High Praise:
XP Draws Fire (2001)
CNN - Software and the Internet (1999)

»  Not Quite Praise:
Author Robert J. Sawyer - WordStar A Writer's Word Processor (1996)
Seattle Weekly column (1999)

»  I (gasp!) Hate Xywrite:
My Strike Diary (1994)
Post - XyWrite (1994)
User UnFriendly!
XyWrite Rant (1994)

»  Mentions In Various (Other) Groups & Mailings:
...a comparison,...please. (Part A - 1998)
Linex World News - Back Page (2000)
old Adobe filters (2000)
XyWrite Re Simple Desultory Phillipic (1993)
Topic Something I'd like to be able to do in EN (2001)

»  Xywrite On The Job:
Author Guidelines (2001)
Final Submission.pdf (2002)
Seybold Report on Publishing Systems, Vol 24 No 22
Cleaning data (1997)
How to View Kanji in English DOS-Based Programs (1997)
Wanted Pagination Advice (1996)
Technical info (2002)
A remembrance of PCs past (2001)

»  Xywrite Gurus Mentioned (and sometimes they speak):
NB FAQ Programming Tips (2000)
...a comparison,...please. (Part B - 1998)
Userland Archive (1998)
XyWrite Inadvertent ABort (Carl Distefano 1995)

»  Conversion Technology:
Import and Export File Formats for Corel WordPerfect 8
Filtrix translates data among various applications
PageMaker 6.5x Conversions
PageMaker 7.0 Import and Export Filters
Word Processing File Conversion Software (2002)
National Data Conversion Institute (2002)
ZyIMAGE Supported file formats (1998)

»  The Auto-Correct Debacle:
Why Patents Are Bad for Software (1999)

»  Misc:
Wikipedia encyclopedia citation
taglines - x
Application Resources - XyWWWeb Link (2000)
Author - John Sladek References
Library Science

»  Enigmatic Citations:
Summary of Changes (1997)
Daniel Killoran, Ph.D. (1997-)

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